CT Scanning

We were the first hospital in the country to install a low dose cone beam extremity CT scanner for imaging knees, ankles, feet, elbows, wrists, and hands.  Compared to a normal CT scanner it produces higher resolution images using about a tenth of the radiation dose. The radiation dose is approximately the same as having a routine X-ray of the same area of the body. Positioning for the scan is easy; you sit in the chair next to the scanner and the area of interest is placed at the centre of the scanner.

CT Scanning Service
Knee CT Scan Services

The scanner can be rotated to obtain images of knees or ankles whilst you are standing. These erect images often provide crucial additional information to assist with making a diagnosis and are not possible in a normal CT scanner.

Our machine has been upgraded this year to provide a lower radiation dose, metal artifact suppression, and higher resolution. For areas of the body other than the extremities we are able to arrange appointments on whole-body CT scanners in Oxford, Cheltenham, and London and we will provide a report in a secure online format with easy access to the images for the referrer.