Back Pain Therapy

Many patients with back pain referred to the leg are suffering from a compressed nerve root. We can provide MRI examinations to determine the exact cause and location. In suitable cases we can offer epidural anaesthetic injections or image guided nerve root blocks to alleviate symptoms.

Back pain and disability can also be caused by painful facet joints. We can offer pain relief for these symptoms. Facet joint injections and can be performed under fluoroscopic guidance (live images using a small amount of radiation) or by fusion imaging where we combine MR or CT images with real-time ultrasound imaging and needles containing radio transmitters to allow accurate and safe needle placement without additional radiation.

Vertebral compression fractures are a common cause of pain and disability.

Vertebral compression fractures
Back pain and disability

Percutaneous Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty techniques may be used to provide pain relief for people with severe painful osteoporosis with loss of height and/or compression fractures of the vertebral body and also for people with symptomatic vertebral haemangioma and painful vertebral body tumours (metastases or myeloma).

Percutaneous cement augmentation involves the injection of bone cement into the vertebral body to relieve pain and to stabilise the fractured vertebra.

Having introduced these procedures to the United Kingdom, Dr David Wilson is one of the most experienced practitioners in the country and holds regular consultation clinics to meet with patients and discuss potential treatments.